August 17th, 2019
Jesse Gussow


There is an inherent beauty in the collaboration photography of Andrea and Damien. The blend of abandoned spaces with nude models creates a stunning emotional experience. The soft tones and colours enhance the overall emotional feelings in the shot. The models and the environment they are photographed in balances the image perfectly. It’s very important to take in every aspect of the photograph as the background will have details that can easily be missed that when witnessed evokes different emotions then originally felt.




Where are you from?

Andrea & Damien: Montreal Quebec, Canada



How did you get interested in Photography?

Andrea: I've always been the photographer at gatherings and family events. And then I met Damien and he introduced me to my first DSLR.

Damien: I started shooting knives and multi tools with my phone camera about 6 years ago. Got into product photography soon after that.
I used to draw art nudes in school and eventually amalgamated the nudes with photography.



How long have you been shooting professionally?

Andrea: Never?!

Damien: Professionally?



What inspires your work?

Andrea: Humans, Experiences & Connections.

Damien: The desire to connect with like minded people.




How would you describe your style?

Andrea: Ive been told Eclectic.

Damien: You tell me.



What do you want people to experience when they see your work?

Andrea & Damien: We don't believe that our art should be so contrived or so precise that it portrays only one story.
People experience what they need to experience.




What are the biggest challenges to shooting abandoned outdoor nudity?

Damien: Temperature, Laws & fences
Andrea: Damien has the good ones but also Safety, locations!



If you could combine three different animals to create a super animal what animals would they be and what would you call your creation?

Andrea: Panther, eagle, Horse - named Peter.

Damien: Alpaca, squirrel ,cat - named Alpaca skat man.( que song; Skatman)



What is the best story about a shoot you can recall?

Andrea & Damien: this one time at band camp ….
We have a lot. And to be honest, if you don't, you should probably work harder at having a good time!




What is is like creating with another photographer?

Andrea: It’s great! It makes for a safe and comfortable environment where ideas, stories and conversations flow!

Damien: It’s horrible. It’s just horrible...



What does your work say about you?

Andrea: Hmm this is a hard one. Considering humans, environments, emotions, weather & experiences all have a factor in these.
My work tends to be all over the place because there are so many variables at play and I personally love that. Discovering new things and gifts humans have.

Damien: I am not sure.




What's the best thing someone has said about seeing your work?

Damien & Andrea: How therapeutic its been for those in front of the camera and those viewing the photos.



What do you look for in the models you shoot?

Damien & Andrea: People who typically like our work. Theres not a physical thing.
So humans work.



How were you drawn to shooting abandoned places? When did you start adding models?

Damien: Rough Childhood filled with lots of trauma.  Why we added models is seeing other photographers and models do it and being inspired by them.

Andrea: Like Damien said, except he’s brought me on my first urbex, along with another photog, we brought a model friend of mine. So I kinda dove into the whole circle of it and fell in love with it! for me Its a combination of my career and personal life colliding with always trying to find new experiences and opening doors.



How would you describe the beauty of the naked body?

Andrea & Damien: So many things. The Nude Human body is an extremely powerful thing. So much so that; Governments will create laws to controls women's.



Do you prefer working with male or female models?

Andrea & Damien: A personal preference for a specific gender is irrelevant. We would rather people not feel as though we have a desire to only shoot a specific gender, sexuality, colour or creed. People who are interested in creating the stories we create should feel welcomed to contact us. Our preferences are not gender based, they are like minded based.



How have you grown as a photographer from when you first started to now?

Damien & Andrea: That you aren't unique. The struggles you have endured in life, so have others. And when you connect with those people you no longer feel alone.  



Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?

Damien: I don't trust people who would pick Oreos over Fudgee-Os. Who wouldn't want all the chocolate, Oreos?!

Andrea: Oeros. Some people will always have trust issues.

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