March 8th, 2017

Jesse Gussow

I don’t really know how to start this article. I’ve been trying to reach out to a variety of Burlesque and show dancers for a few months now and not a single one got back to me. The plan was to get a few and then try and see if Bambu Jessica would be interested, turns out I should have just asked her from the get go. I’m extremely proud to show you our interview with Performer Bambu Jessica. She’s one of my favourite people to follow on social media. A very positive human who always seems to be smiling and just making other people enjoy life. She travels the world performing Burlesque shows and sideshows. She’s also part of the popular Suicide Girls and has performed with them around the world as well. She’s always touring so check out her Instagram and Facebook pages to see if she’ll be performing in a town near you.


Where are you from?

Originally from Detroit, Michigan. Currently based in Las Vegas.


How did you get started on this journey?

Pretty certain I was performing in previous lives. I was reborn and just kept it going, flowing and glowing.


How did you feel the first time you performed?

I started when I was young in dance recitals and I can't exactly remember my first actual performance. However, my first paid professional performance was with a Detroit hip hop dance crew for an assembly at a Detroit school. Was one of the most rewarding experiences I've had because I was just super into the moment and watching those little kids dance and smile was something I will never forget - the natural buzz you get from a performance when the audience truly vibes on what you're gifting is one of the most powerful and moving feelings I've ever experienced. I'm so grateful to be able to do what I love for a living and to make people happy.


How do you feel now when you perform?

There's nothing else that compares to the feeling of a good show. I feel an overwhelming glow and gratitude and just an overall feeling that the hard work paid off because the audience felt something better than they felt before the show. If they are smiling then I'm smiling deep deep deep to my core.


How do you prepare for a performance?

I like to have a little alone time right before I hit the stage. I say to myself "energy , energy, energy"... then I remember that it's about them enjoying this experience... who cares what I look like - it's about them. Then I offer my energy to them and get the F out there and give it! Also, it's good to stretch prior ... bummed out muscles aren't so fun.


Which is your favourite place to perform?

With my best friends or for my fave music artists - anywhere.


If you had a time machine what period in time would you go and why?

The 60 s of 70s ... I'd go see my fave rockstars.


How old were you when you got your first tattoo; what was it; and has it been covered up?

I was 18 when I got my first tattoo… it was a tramp stamp lol and yes it's been covered up - with a steam punk octopus. I've had quite a few cover ups. I realized it's best to make an appointment with a great artist ... as opposed to wandering into a shop without knowing the artist and getting something quickly. Finding a pro is key.


What is the Burlesque and sideshow community like?

I feel like it's a very welcoming group. People that just seem to love what they do and have a good time. Is that accurate? I love the performer scene; incredible and inspiring artists all over the world. We sacrifice quite a bit to do what we do - very passionate and fun loving people who work hard and are so very entertaining even off stage. It's a great scene. Of course, we have our struggles but I love the fellow circus folk fam fam.


What inspires you?

So many things to draw inspiration from but mostly ... music. I'm addicted to music.


How do you want people to feel after having seen one of your shows?

I want them to feel inspired to be themselves, a feeling of Girl Power - whether they’re male or female ... and that we should embrace our differences because they make us beautiful. Also - that we shouldn't take ourselves too seriously and should wiggle all the way. Big super dooper love.


What's the weirdest thing to happen at one of your shows? Something that made you go "WHAT THE FUCK"?

hahahah oh Lordy - I could write an entire book . When you kick it with the Fuel Girls and Masters of Dirt, there's never a dull moment. One time we jumped on the bar and started dancing at a brothel in Budapest and knocked over some glass bottles and I think we got kicked out … we were invited by the mob hahah!

Another time we had to do a cheer stunt to reach a MOD sticker that they stuff into a million dollar painting lol omg touring with them is the fucking best ... there's just so many of these lil crazy moments.

Touring with the Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque was insane too ... looking out into a sea of sold out shows and stage diving and pouring body shots into the mouths of Suicide Girls across the country was rad.

I also think it's a bit insane when I'm doing fire and people decide to hop on stage and start drunk sexy dancing and Security doesn't help out! Haha, I'm like "ughhh okayyy". Do ur thang, it's ur moment to shine, baby. "Ummmmmm haha and just pray that it's safe! lol ...which reminds me of another time I was working at the Act Nightclub where I got to do whipsits on stage and eat cereal and fake pee on my friends !!  There was one night, among many that stand out where a girl was hammered and dancing on this side stage where Mirror Man was meant to start performing. She wouldn't get down so that the performance could happen and there was this big dramatic musical and spotlight moment meant for Mirror Man but instead she stole the thunder! Lol She was wobbling about on the stage and her friends and the audience kept yelling to her to get the F down! Security was nowhere to be found so I did a football tackle and got her off the stage myself!! Then Mirror Man proceeded to rock the house and I was worried I'd get in trouble for my tackle tactic. My boss just gave me the biggest hi 5 of my life. I thought it was hilarious. So many incredible times at that club .... and in this business .... so many Blessed.


Since you first started to now, how have you grown?

I think in many ways I've grown as a business entrepreneur and performer - you learn a lot of the do's and don'ts of the biz and how to sustain your time and energy. Always learning and growing. Cheers to that.


What are you working on now?

I am really jazzed on trying to save different species. I'd love to become a ranger and focus on endangered animal protection. I've been financing and signing different petitions for United for Wildlife, and Vetpaw. I also dabble in DJing... learning more and more and would love to learn more about music production. Also working on happiness and sobriety! Staying busy and groovy.


I know you are a vegetarian so perhaps Oreos and Fudgee-O cookies are a no-go. So what's your choice of a sweet snack?

Ohhhh my favorite sweet treats are plums, pears, Swedish fish, and Good n Plenty's:)! Yum and maybe a chiro.


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