July 9th, 2020
Jesse Gussow

Artist Brian Kinsel’s work is a beautiful dark balance. Stunning tattooed pinups with skulls and some gore. The details in his work is amazing, and the line work is thin and sharp with phenomenal shading. His use of imagery balances perfectly if you like dark and macabre or gory and disturbing or even beautiful and sexy. Blending all that imagery just works when Brian Kinsel put ink and watercolour to canvass.



Where are you from?

Small town central illinois.



How did you get started on art?

My mother was an artist and played a huge role in motivating me to draw anything and everything starting at a very young age.



What’s the first memorable art experience?

I was asked to hang some art in a small gallery show around 2009. It was the first time besides little local things where I put my work out in front of people, everything before that is sort of a blur, I would draw weird shit in sketch books and forget about them.



What inspires you and what inspires your artwork?

Ive always had this weird fascination with the macabre. As a little innocent baby child my babysitter let me watch a Nightmare on Elm Street and I think that got it started. That and my mother was so creative, always drawing, painting, making halloween costumes. My weirdness and creativity was instilled in me from childhood I guess. I also try to not be very vocal when things are bugging me so sometimes I use art as an outlet to get me through some shit.



What’s the worst job you’ve ever had? And why?

I feel like I may have been sort of a shut in for most of my life so my first job (k-mart) got me out of the house and into the world. My second job was my fathers excavating business and it was a "work for me or get out of my house" type of situation. I didn’t hate the work but digging in dirt and human waste kills your creativity. So I guess this may be a reason to consider it the worst...but now I run a small excavating business digging in dirt and waste on the daily so I’m a little torn. I guess I’m just lucky to have found work I didn’t hate.



How would you describe your artwork?

Skull people doing stuff and things.



What’s your favourite Dinosaur?

Has literally always been the Triceratops. squatty, powerful, spearing mfers...



What is your process for creating a piece from start to finish?

Step one, turn on music. Step two, find a pose. Could be from a dream, my awesome loving and very tolerant wife, or something from the tv or internets. Step three, sketchy sketchy. Step four, little bit of outline. Fiver, some zone out and watercolor. hoocha



How would you describe your artistic style?

I like to be straight to the point. People in quirky or sexy poses. Skulls, representing death, we all die, we all have that in common. I also enjoy tattoos and music and love to show my interests in the details of my paintings.



What is the best feedback you’ve received about your work?

I have always drawn and painted for myself. I was having a rough time dealing with my mother’s death so I started posting my art for others to see. There has been a lot of positive feedback online but I think the biggest moment for me was when a local artist, whom I’ve looked up to since I was younger asked if he could add some of my art to his collection.



What do you find to be the biggest challenge as an artists today?

I think the biggest challenge for me is trying to market myself and be noticed. I don’t want to be loud and in your face, and I don’t want to be a bother...and I have this huge fear of rejection. So its hard for me to get my work out there.



If you could have a studio anywhere where would it be?

A small cabin in the middle of a never-ending forest.



Is there an aspect in art that you wish your were more proficient at?

I wish I had the time to sit down and learn to paint with acrylics and oils without it looking like turds.



If you could create album art for a band which band would it be?

Oh my. I do love music of all sorts. But if I have to pick just one, it would be "the residents". one of my forever favorites...



Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?

yikes, I guess Oreo....but those Keebler fudge stripes are where its at. 

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