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April 3rd, 2020
Jesse Gussow


Constantly in complete awe of the amazing work that model Constanze creates. A muse of Photographer Stefan Gesell her work is so vast and varied. From very dark and macabre shoots with loads of fake blood to some cosplay shoots. Her ability to pull off everything is a testament to her skills. Looking at her photos one cannot help but have an emotional reaction. Constanze’s ability to have an image make you go WHOA and then feel a punch to the gut with the passion she displays is powerful.



Where are you from?

I´m born and raised in Munich, Germany. But my family comes from Serbia and Russia.



How did you get started in modelling?

Oh... I would never describe myself as a Model, I´m just a girl who´s obsessed by taking photos and trying to create a piece of art.
I remember, when I graduated high school, I tried hard to find my place in a German agency. I travelled in different cities to introduce myself to some open castings, not because I dreamed of being a new top model, I just wanted to collect as much money as I could for university, but all agencies rejected me. An agency boss told me once I had too much hips, not a high fashion face or just not "that what they´re looking for". I was pretty depressed about all those cancellations, so I stopped agency hunting and started flipping burgers in a fast food restaurant.
Then a year ago, I scrolled through my facebook thread and found an open model call for a photographer called Stefan Gesell (Instagram: I hadn’t thought about it for years and suddenly I founded myself in in the Studio of Stefan. So here´s the point where the magic happened.



What inspires you in your work?

I study fashion design, so I get touched day by day with fashion, art and urban lifestyles. These are the main sources of my inspiration but in general. Things I´m obsessed with are movies, especially horror thrillers, old movies, action and sci-fi-fi. Especially the Tarantino movies, Mad Max, The Shining and the Alien saga impresses me over and over again.

Sometimes I just walk into a hardware store and see wire fence, wood or something where I immediately get an idea for a headpiece or a costume, but thank god, Stefan always shares his amazing ideas with me and of course he gives me a little touch up with photoshop ;)



How do you prepare for a shoot?

I usually plan my outfits at least one week before shooting. But sometimes it is also quite spontaneous, it always depends on my mood and my schedule.
One thing is for sure, I always carry at least one bag of make-up with me.



What are your favourite types of shoots to do?

I love the spontaneous ideas of Stefan when he tells me "hey I have an idea", then we sit together and share a coffee, discuss everything and then we go. Such a shoots never take longer than half an hour and the results are wonderful. But generally, the scary and dark shootings with tons of blood are my favs.



If you could how would you describe your style?

It's a difficult question... In daily life I like to be sporty and comfortable. In front of the camera I like to wear opulent dresses, latex, or sometimes almost nothing.
I just love to step into different roles, maybe that's exactly what makes up my style.



If you could take three animals and mix them together to make a super animal. What animals would you use?

My mix would consist of a dolphin, a cheetah and an eagle. I think it would be the super animal. Strong, intelligent and deliberate.



How do you prepare for a shoot?

First I need at least a coffee and a cigarette, then I put on make-up and choose my outfit according to the theme. I think being relaxed is everything on a shoot. Then can good results cab be achieved. Oh, andI always need the right soundtrack, mostly Rammstein is on ;)



What do you want people to feel when they see your work?

I want to inspire, shock and encourage people to think.

If someone looks at one of my pictures for more than 30 seconds and starts to think intensely and doesn't shout "oh God", then I know that I have done something right.



What is the biggest challenge you’ve overcome since you’ve been modelling?

The inner pressure to constantly surpass oneself and to deliver in the best possible way.



What is your favourite story to tell about a modelling?

Making people happy and seeing them smiling while they look over pictures of a set that they have shot with me is pure satisfaction.



Do you have a routine for you do before a shoot?

I think the most important thing is being prepared and in time for a shoot. I´m much more relaxed when I could organize my outfits a few days before the shoot. Also I always make sure that I carry my two big makeup boxes with me and clean brushes!!! I think I´m obsessed with cleaning my brushes...



If you could work with anyone in the world who would you just kill for a chance to work with?

Right now, I´m a member of the model team of Stefan Gesell and we do so many different shoots. Not only dark art, also beauty, outdoor, fashion etc. So I have a full Portfolio of every area. I´m pretty happy with him and I can't imagine to work with someone else right now. We both know what the other wants and I can trust him in every situation. He was also the first photographer that shoot me completely naked. That was a huge thing for me and I couldn't trust someone else so quick like I trusted him.



How have you grown from when you first started to now?

It´s amazing to see my progress the past years. I´ve not only grown in the modelling game, I also gained so much more self-confidence and a better and healthier relationship with myself. I admit that I will never be the bikini girl in a fashion campaign, and thats so good! I do so many different shoots, I did one with a snake. Sometimes I´m covered in fake blood, another day I´m Lara Croft, the next day I´m a rotten zombie. This is the thing what I love the most: the variety. And I will never miss out. I think after a long time of searching I have finally arrived where I always wanted to be.



What advice would you give to someone starting out?

Try everything you ever wanted to try and what you would never dare to do. But never let yourself be pushed into a corner where you don't feel comfortable. Even if everyone tells you it won't work, don't give up.



Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?

Why should I choose when you can have both? :D

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