May 30th, 2018
Jesse Gussow


The first thing you notice in Karl M Lee’s photography is his spectacular use of light. In almost all his images it feels like the model is being bathed in light. They glow and radiate in his photos. It has a very other worldly feel, akin to seeing gods. His ability to capture the strength of his subjects is an incredibly well-developed skill.




Where are you from?

Franklin, Louisiana, but reside in Lakehurst, NJ




How did you get interested in photography?

The desire to take my own pictures; then my friend encouraged me to buy a DLSR




Where do you get inspiration for your shoots?

Lindsay Alder is my hero; she is a fashion photographer from New York




Do you edit your own photos or do you use the services of a retoucher?

All edits are done by me; this allows me to create and make my skills better




How have you grown as a photographer from when you first started, to now? Anything you want to get more proficient at?

My skill level has grown, and as always I'm seeking to grow even more. [I'm more] proficient is seeing the details and making decisions on solving the issues and making the image complete




From the inception of an idea of a shoot, to the finished posted image, what is the whole process and timeline for a project?

3 months



If you could shoot anyone, who would it be?





Do you prefer shooting in a studio or outdoors?





What's in your camera bag?

50MM  85MM  105 MARCO   70 TO 200 Tamron




How would you describe your work?




How has photography changed in the last few years for you personally?

Software has gotten better




I love the bright colours in your work. Is it more important to capture the perfect shot or get a decent one and let the editing turn it into something else?

Both equal a great shot; the creativity continues in the editing, so both are valuable




If you were not a photographer, what would you do?

Just write poetry




What is your favourite shoot you've done to date?

The Transition Project which contains different lighting styles and wardrobe looks




Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?


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