Noor & Noomi

June 19th, 2019
Jesse Gussow


Within in the capital city of Bern, Switzerland is digital artist Laura H. Rubin. Her digital portraits balance perfectly the light and the dark, and the constant human struggle from within; stunning faces with the body in black reminiscent of a shadow; the pain we can’t see. Laura’s subject’s eyes pull you in with a fury of emotions, pain, longing, fear, anger, betrayal and suspicion, to name but a few. The further use of flowers, animals or weapons further the emotions within the pieces. The work is detailed, beautiful, and the powerful imagery speaks to so many people.  




Where are you from?

I live in Thun, a beautiful city in Berne, Switzerland.





When did you get interested in art?

Actually I never enjoyed drawing when I was a child. My dad used to draw like a god back then, which probably was the reason why I had the feeling that the standards were set very high. And because I didn't want to see myself fail, I didn't even try.

Years later I started studying "film & visual effects" in Zurich. To get a better understanding of visual impressions, we visited the storehouse of the art museum where we had to draw sketches for many hours and days. Additionally, we had to draw storyboards for all our film projects. First just on paper, later digitally with a Wacom tablet.

Right after my graduation I was broke for quite some time and had to find a job, so I started to work as a graphic designer in an ad agency.

At that time my boyfriend gifted me the iPad Pro which allowed me to draw on, and things started to take its course. :)




What inspires your artwork?

Usually I try to catch two different emotional moods.

The first one is that very moment when something terrible is happening, and you don't know how to act - there's that crucial second when you decide if you are going to break and cry, or fight and become stronger than you thought you could ever be - maybe you know that feeling.

I find myself in such situations pretty often and then I start to feel bad. I mean, it's totally fine to cry from time to time, but if you always just lose yourself in sadness, then one-day life is not worth living anymore. That's why I think this moment of decision is so important.

I guess the images Ewa, Akali and Seva show it best.

The other element is the feeling of the audience while watching the pictures:

some kind of guilt or sorrow towards the character.

The pictures Gaia, Nyx, Noor & Noomi are some examples for this.




How would you describe your style?

hm... something between flat design and realistic art... maybe "flatistic"?!




What tools do you use to create?

I'm mainly using Procreate on the iPad Pro.

Sometimes I additionally use Photoshop for the final color grading, to give some more intensity to the picture.




What does your work say about you?

I'm a fan of plain aesthetic.




How do you feel when you are creating?

I feel independent. When you are a graphic designer, every decision you make is for the client and his goals in the first place, not for your personal satisfaction. The client is allowed to question and challenge everything, or even to change things. That's why drawing is a great, important balance.




What do you want people to experience when they see your work?

I hope some people can identify with my characters, regardless if man or woman, because it's all about the emotions which all of us experience.




What kind of dreams do you have when you are sleeping?

Most of the time I'm hunted and I have to run away.
I have had those dreams for a long time, but meanwhile they feel rather good than bad. I still try to get away every time though, but I'm not really afraid of what's hunting me. Because I think there's actually nothing that chases me, when I stand still in my dreams there's nothing but that inner voice that wants me to run away, no monster or person or such... sounds more crazy than I thought ^^




What is the biggest challenge for you with your chosen medium?

The battery level of the iPad x)




When you start a new piece what is the first thing you do?

Start Spotify.





Do you hand draw any sketches beforehand?

Yes, I start with a rough sketch before I make the actual drawing.  




The emotion you are able to convey in the eyes is incredible. Is that the area you spend the most time on?

That's right, the eyes take twice the time as the rest of the image.




What’s the best thing you’ve heard about your work?

I feel very flattered when people ask me if they are allowed to write their thesis about me and my work.

When I received the first request of this kind I just ignored it because I thought it was a weird joke.... I still have a bad conscience D:




How have you grown as an artist from when you first started to now?

Well, I guess I'm becoming pickier and ambitious with every piece I draw. There's that inner craving for the perfect picture that drives me.




Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-o cookies?

Oreooos *-*

But just because I don't know Fudgee-o cookies yet...

I guess they are not available here! I think you should send me some so I can properly answer this question. ;D




Josie IV





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