Sad women art. That’s what I searched for on Etsy. There were a lot of images that came up. Including work from the extremely talented American artist Madelyn Olson. While sad isn’t exactly the first word I’d use to describe Madelyn’s work, her use of bright vibrant colours definitely takes away any initial sadness you might see. They are sad, they are ugly, and they are grotesque, but they are beautiful. Their eyes, their mouths, noses and any other extra appendages they might have are all so beautiful in an ugly, grotesque and yes, even sad way.


1. Where are you from?
I was born in Chicago, IL but moved to Dallas, TX when I was a wee one. I've been hopping around for the past couple years but I think it makes most sense to say I'm from Dallas, just cause I grew the most there.

2. What got you into art?
I was raised by two creatives and took to writing and drawing very early on. I stopped taking it as seriously when I was growing up which is funny because I was in art school. After graduation, I started hanging out with more artists, going to galleries and supporting the community. I was inspired, suddenly it's all very serendipitous the way things timed out, a lot of stuff happened at just the right time and I started taking my artistic creation more seriously. I was 18 and living in my first apartment with my best friend when I completed my first piece of art. I had spent a solid 6 years up until that point mostly doodling in the margins of my notebooks.

3. How would you describe your artwork?
My art has gone through lots of changes since i began - it started more grotesque and trippy, ugly and weird. It's still those things, mostly, but I like to think there's a prettier nature to it these days.

4. What is your process for creating?
I put on some tunes, first and foremost, and then i draw whatever, in pencil, then pen, then watercolor and then pen again, to go over the lines and fill in the details. Sometimes I get really obsessive and draw the same body or face a few times before I decide I like it... That gets frustrating. The other night I drew the same girl seven times because I would notice a detail I didn't like and start completely over again. It was a waste of an evening because I went to bed without even coming up with a version I was satisfied with.

5. Who or what are your biggest influences?
My papa was the first artist I really knew and so a lot of my subconscious inspiration probably comes from his work. Ralph Steadman was an early influence. There are so many artists I admire now, I wouldn't even know where to begin trying to list them all. Like most artistic people, I draw most of my inspiration from real life stuff. Humans fascinate me, which is why they're pretty much all I draw.

6. If you could travel anywhere in time and space where would you go and what five items would you bring with you?
I hate this question, to be honest. There are too many times and places that fascinate me!!

7. What is a skill you'd like to learn and why?
I'd like to learn how to collage. how to manage time effectively. Also in the process of expanding what i draw. Being self-taught is tricky.

8. What is your favourite colour?
I like salmon and turquoise. But all color is awesome.

9. What can we expect from you in the future?
I've tried a solid 100 times to illustrate some sort of story or comic. I wanna make more stickers... I want to make bigger pieces, i want to work on canvas again. I want to evolve and teach myself some new techniques, expand my knowledge. Hopefully you can expect great big things.

10. What inspires you?
People inspire me, nature inspires me, music inspires me.

11. Where is the one place you'd love to see your art?
Juxtapoz is the dream. but truthfully, seeing my art anywhere makes my heart flutter. i don't aspire to be a big famous artist. i just want to continue being able to create, and having people who support and like what i do.

12. Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?
Fudgee-o cookies might be a regional thing because i don't recognize that at all. but i searched a pic and they look great, plus i'm not a huge oreo person. so lets go with that.


I highly recommend that you check out Madelyn Olson’s Etsy page and pick up a beautiful piece or two. Give her a follow on Instagram as well so you can see all her work before you decide to buy. Madelyn is easily one of my favourite artists and, not to sound like a hipster, I’m glad I found her before she inevitably makes it big.

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