April 11th, 2018
Jesse Gussow

Photographer Martin Bruyère's work brings out the inner child in all of us, through his beautiful, lovely, inquisitive and wondrous imagination!  Looking at his work will make you miss everything that you lost as you grew into adulthood, and that’s one of the biggest draws to his work. It literally teleports you to the past and reminds you of lost memories and adventures of your youth. It’s truly an incredible journey!

He also photographs horror-themed images which take you back to your childhood nightmares. He’s working on trying to bridge the gap between the two. An extremely creative person with a history of filmmaking and a strong desire to learn and try everything.



Where are you from?

Gatineau, Quebec, Canada



How did you get interested in photography?

Actually, I studied cinema 20 years ago and had a few photography classes here and there. Never became a big fan of photography at first since my main interest was to do movies. But a few years ago I bought myself a Canon 7D to film [my movies] and started taking pictures here and there. I then decided to take a digital photography class and became addicted to it.



How would you describe your photography?

I like capturing people. I don’t know why. I tried capturing nature and simple things, but people were my main interest. I  am especially fond of candid photos, when people are at their most natural state. I also like doing humorous setups. And finally, I am a big horror fan, so anything that is offered to me that contains a horror element, I will jump on the occasion.



When doing a shoot how many people are typically involved?

Usually just me, but my wife has been helping a lot lately with photoshoots. She is an incredible artist and she knows exactly how to setup the mood and how to place people. I often tell her that she should be the one behind the camera as she is very talented.



After a shoot how many photos do you have? How many of those will you edit? Of those how many do you think are good enough?

It all depends, sometimes I’ll have around 300 hundred and sometimes I’ll only have a few. But most of the time, I will only take around 2% of what came out. I’m very picky. I wasn’t picky at first but, with time, I’ve learned that it is best to leave some and just keep the best of the best.



Do you edit your own photos? If so, what software do you use?

Yes I edit my own photos. Even my personal pictures are edited. I use Lightroom and Photoshop.



If you could travel to anywhere in the universe where would you go, and why?

I would probably travel to a planet where colourful creatures and beings exist, as I would capture the shit out of them.



What's the biggest challenge you've had to overcome being a photographer?

I think it’s finding ways of becoming a better photographer. Let’s face it, I’m not a pro…yet, but I do want to become better at it. Everything I can learn, I learn. Every photographer I can meet, I meet. Every insight I can get, I take. It’s a challenge because learning photography is an endless story. There will always something new to learn. If you know everything, then photography becomes kind of boring.



One of your series really feels like you are tapping into your inner child. Who are the two adorable models?

My daughter and my new schnauzer, Gizmo. First, let me tell you how proud I am of my daughter. She is such an inspiration for me. She is a great model. Everything I tell her to do for a picture, she does. She can play a villain as much as she can play an angel. She is so easy to capture and everybody I know seems to enjoy watching every setup I create with her. Gizmo is her favorite dog (I also have another schnauzer called Becky). My daughter and Gizmo make great models!



What kind of camera do you use and why that particular one?

I use a Canon 7D and only because that was the first professional camera I bought. Eventually, I will probably get myself the new Nikon D850. I’m still waiting to see what Canon comes up with.



I've heard that the best camera is the one you have with you. Do you think this is an accurate statement?

No, not at all I’ve seen people do AMAZING pictures with only their phone. But it all depends on how well you know your camera and your lighting. Of course, there are so many ways to master the art of photography that it would be hard to say what’s best and what’s not. I mean, some people will love blurry/dirty pictures and others will love clean/crisp pictures. So again, the camera will not make a difference since it all depends on who you’re shooting for.



What haven't you shot that you would like to?

Pinups. I’m a big fan of pinups and my wife is the only one I've shot so far. I’ve never been asked to do them probably because I do lots of stuff with my daughter and also a lot of stuff on horror. Maybe people think I’m limited to that. So here it is guys, [I'm putting it out there] let them know I want to do some.



What were your first images like, compared to now?

Oh my god, they were terrible compared to what I do now. It’s funny that you say that because I was looking at them on my computer a few days ago and realized how much I've gotten better in the last year. I’ve learned so many things in such a short time. And I sincerely believe that next year I will be at least 10 times better!



Has editing become more important than the perfect picture?

Editing is indeed a very important process of my work, but I am still looking for the perfect picture. Funny thing is, most of the time I find my best pictures are the ones I didn’t think would be good. I call them Happy Accidents.



How very Bob Ross of you! Do you Prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?

Oreo all the way. Thanks to my daughter.

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