September 19th, 2019
Jesse Gussow


Lots of artists put so much emotion into their work, and Mel Lahaie is no exception. Continually challenging herself and trying new mediums and different techniques to create. The brush strokes are hard and thick, it looks and feels like she’s put a bit of her self in every stroke. Her use of colours captivates and draws you in. Her attention to details in the whole piece is outstanding the flowers and smaller subjects. The line work is immaculate, soft and bold and her backgrounds always feel distorted raw and emotional. To truly appreciate her work you must look at every line and you’ll notice the insane details she has put into every piece.




Where are you from?

I’m from Ottawa, Ontario.



How did you get interested in art?

I’ve been drawing since the age of four or five, singing, dancing and gymnastics, painting, been creating art since forever. My sister told me I’ve been creating and making art since I was four years old.



Why do you create art?

I want people to have a emotional response to my art. the emotions I put into each piece and the connection that another person has to it it’s amazing to share in that process. I want to create to let others feel something in my work.



How would you describe your style?

Anything and everything, I can shape shift.



Do you listen to music when you are creating?

Yeah turn on my Spotify and just go on a journey. Marilyn Manson, Back Street Boys and Ozzy Osborn, Kodak.



What medium to work with?

I definitely love thick textured paper and illustrate on them with pencil. Watercolour is a close second. The way the colours spread on the paper so peaceful and beautiful.



What inspires your artwork?

My mental health for the most part. I can be overwhelmed by my disorders using those feelings to express myself. Stressed, tired or total sensory overload. Taking the the good and the bad with the situation and showing that in the artwork.



If you weren’t an artist what would you do?

I’d be nothing. possibly work with children or animals. I can’t see myself as anything other than an artist.



What the best thing anyone has ever said about your art?

“Whatever you're doing don’t stop, because it’s going somewhere.” Those words have pushed me and kept me going.




What’s your favourite mythological creature?

Dragons or reptilian creatures, so fascinating. Or Medusa a decent second place.



Where would you love to have your art featured?

All over the world, as long as it’s all over the world and people enjoy it and are inspired by it that’s where I want to have it featured.




How have you grown as an artists from when you first started to now?

whah…more than ever thought I would. I never thought my realism and accurate proportion of the human body would be as good as they are now. I used to feel my work had a cartoony vibe and now my use of colours and blending and details are way more improved.



What would you like to be more proficient at?

Being able to explaining what I’m doing. I’m able to create but don’t really know what exactly it is that i’m doing. Would love to go to school and learn the proper techniques and knowledge of art.



What do you read?

I suck at reading due to my ADHD but i love Rupi Karr, her poetry is the only thing that can keep me focused and interested in what i’m reading. Talks about real life experiences and I can relate to it.




Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?

Why not both!


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