June 13th, 2018

Jesse Gussow


Alternative model Sarah Maillet might be the best example of a chameleon. With a large tattoo that covers most of her body, in some of her work it's at the forefront and in others you've completely forgotten that she’s tattooed at all. The pieces that show off her incredible tattoo take you aback and you are in just complete awe.

An extremely versatile model who completely transforms in each project, it’s incredible to see, from image to image and think, that’s the same person? She’s raw, emotional and sexy. Her work never feel gratuitous; it feels more like she’s judging you; she’s powerful and in control.




Where are you from?

I was born in NH, but moved to NB Canada (where my dad is from) when I was 2 and grew up there. I moved back to NH when I was 16.




How did you get interested in modeling?

By accident. I was bartending at a local dive. I befriended a couple, one being a photographer. I initially got into it to document my tattoos/progression.




What inspires your work?

I'm not really sure. It's more self-expression than inspiration.




How would you describe your modeling style?





What are your favourite types of shoots to do?

Adventurous, and boldly artistic




Were you modeling before you got tattooed? How has getting a tattoo affected job offers?

Nope. I'm self-employed, so not at all.




How do you stay in such great shape? What is your work out and dietary routine?

I hike anytime the weather permits, yoga, Pilates. I aspire to be a runner... the struggle is real! I have a lot of food allergies, so my diet is pretty clean. Mainly fruits, vegetables and protein.




What's the most chaotic shoot you've done? In hindsight, would you still do it or maybe do it differently?

I'm not sure chaotic is the word, but I've done 3 shoots that involved rappelling down a mountain, and wouldn't change a damn thing.




How do you prepare yourself for a shoot?

I'm usually too busy to overthink it. Usually packing the night before/morning of.




How many tattoos do you have, or is it just one big one? How many hours did it take?

I like to think of it as just one. I wish I knew the hours, people ask me all the time. There gets to be a point where it’s impossible to keep track, and irrelevant.




What's the worst job you've ever had and why?

I worked for a well-known radio station as an account executive. Desk job, not for me.




Who haven't you worked with that you would love to collaborate with?

Anyone that can get me published in Vogue. That would be a dream come true. As well as Sandro Giordano.




What age do you feel right now?

Depends on the day, but I feel my age.




When doing a shoot, is it your idea coming to life, the photographer's, or is a collaboration? Which do you prefer?

It's a collaboration. I like that. I also like showing up and just playing the part needed.




What is your spirit animal?

I think everyone is a unicorn nowadays. But google says it's a lion. Which makes sense since I'm a Leo.




What do you bring to a shoot?

Anything I need and hopefully everything I might need.




Do you ever get behind the camera?

I'd love to. It's on my list of things to accomplish.




What's the most surprising thing you found out about working in this industry?

Nothing surprises me anymore




Do you prefer Oreo or Fudgee-O cookies?

I'm allergic to both. I'm going with peanut M & M's

Photo By Jay Philbrick
Photo By Jay Philbrick
Photo By Jay Philbrick
Photo By Jay Philbrick
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