I first came across Tarja's photography on Instagram. Her photos show the beauty and the darkness in the world. Originally from Russia she now lives in Ottawa, the Capital of Canada. With the gorgeous gothic architecture, giant spider sculptures and outdoor festivals within Ottawa there will be no short supply of more stunning work from Tarja Shafranskaya.


Where are you from?
Russia, Saint-Petersburg. Moved to Canada less than a year ago and absolutely loving it, god bless this country honestly.

What brought you to Ottawa?
An oasis of serenity after a big city life. Or my habit of living in capitals...?

What got you interested in Photography?
It was just another area to explore among all the other art stuff. My friend had a camera and after I gave it a try for the first time he was never able to reach it again. Sorry, mate.

What inspires you in your photography?
Weird stuff, music and insomnia. So if you see a photo of a kitten peacefully playing in the meadow there's always a possibility it was created after a sleepless night listening to black metal and watching Polish arthouse movies.  

What does Love feel like to you?
Love is overall and unconditional. But not everlasting, as any other emotion caused by a chemical reaction in our body.

Who are your favourite Artists?
When it comes to "your favourite...*insert stuff*" I usually hide or run away because it hurts my brain to get all the names and things together and compare which are better than others to my humble opinion. Also most possible I don't have ones at all considering there's always something you can not agree with in someone's creations. So I can just say that I definitely enjoy medieval religious murals and Nicola Samori's art.

What Five items can you not live without?
Coffee, sunglasses, coffee, gym key, underwear...did I mention coffee.

If you had a chance at a "do over" in life what would you change? if anything?

What age do you feel right now and why?
Perfectly my age, which is 26. Mostly I would feel myself a lot older than I actually am but now finally caught up with myself...or just grew stupid.

What is your favourite type of photography to shoot?
Fashion and contemporary. Which often mixes nowadays.

What Equipment do you use for your photography?
I'm oddly addicted to Nikon D5000, but also adore my grannie Nikon D80 and definetely never against using Canon EOS 5D Mark III.

If you could witness any event in time and shoot it what would it be?
I think I would really like to take some photos of the birth of our galaxy, but honestly have no idea what camera and ISO to choose.

Which cookie do you prefer Oreos or Fudgee-os?
I'm so tired of people saying my earplugs look like Oreos that will gladly prefer Fudgee over them.


I highly recommend you give her a follow on Instagram. She has a great sense of humor (obviously) and it’s amazing seeing how she sees this beautiful city. I’ve lived here my whole life and she discovers places I never knew about. Take a look at her full album in the photo section. You can follow her in Instagram or Facebook below.

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